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With this option, your site can appear at the beginning of every surf session for a small fee.


    Advertise in our weekly statistics report!

    We will accept 1 ad per week that will go in the top of our weekly statistics report that goes out to all members.  This is a text-only format, 58 characters wide, no more than 8 lines high, including url or email address.  Optionally, we can offer the readers an 'incentive' of credits if they click on the ad. 

    Offer 1: 1 Basic newsletter ad (no incentive): $10.00 (USD)

    Offer 2: 1 Incentivized newsletter ad (50 credits given): $15.00 (USD)

    Offer 3: 1 Major incentive newsletter ad (100 credits given): $20.00 (USD)

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