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Hit Hornet FFA Pages and Directory Terms Of Service

Hit Hornet FFA Pages and Directory is a business oriented link and search engine service that is viewer and family-friendly. Hit Hornet FFA Pages and Directory is USA FTC compliant, and abides by Truth in Advertising policies as well as Fair and Ethical business practices. All Ads posted to the Hit Hornet FFA Pages and Directory and link services must meet the following criteria:

Site is CAN-SPAM compliant. We will never rent, sell, or share your membership information and email with a third party. (Read our full CAN-SPAM TOS by reading the Privacy Policy.)


  1. All members of Site agree to abide by all the Terms of Service and protocols of Site.

  2. If statements regarding income are made in your ad or on your website, those statements must be supported by actual, personal documentation that supports your statements. If you state in an ad that you make x amount of money, you must be able to provide proof of individual income. We cannot accept program generated ‘proof’ of income. You must personally make the income you claim in your ad or website, and be prepared to show actual proof.

  3. If statements regarding income are made in your ad or on your website, you must include a disclaimer that same results are not guaranteed.

  4. All programs which require a subscription must clearly state subscription costs, and have a clear policy and mechanism for stopping subscriptions.

  5. No adult content accepted including adult oriented images, language, website ads, and Adult related inuindos.

  6. We do not accept any type of Dating Sites, Dating or Marriage Services, Adult Friend Finders, and other websites devoted to this type of activity.

  7. No pharmacutical ads or websites including pills and physical enhancements.

  8. No hate, hate-mongering, hack, or hack-related sites allowed.

  9. Your site may not contain elements listed above in any form, including ads, images, pop under advertising, and/or redirects.

By posting your site and ad to our Site Directory, you agree that you are fully responsible for the content of both your ad and your website, responsible for providing proof of personal income statements, and accept all liabilities and consequences should your ad or website be reported for abuse.

Terms and Conditions of Hit Hornet Traffic Exchange Membership:


  • Wherever in this document the word "we" or "us" is used, it refers to Hit Hornet website management. 
  • Wherever in this document the word "you" is used, it refers to the member.

Acceptance of Agreement

By joining the Hit Hornet Traffic Exchange system, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in this document, and agree to provide complete and accurate information about your yourself to us.

We reserve the right to alter or amend this agreement at any time, and to place the revised agreement at this same location, i.e. .

Description of Service

Basic membership is free: A Hit Hornet membership is a free service provided by us to bring internet traffic to the web pages indicated by you.  The only requirements for this service are:

  1. A verifiable email is provided - we will send an email containing a code which we must receive back, to verify the identity of the member.
  2. Membership is limited to 1 membership per person.
  3. We reserve the right to reject a membership application for any reason.
  4. We reserve the right to 'ban' a member who has, repeatedly and/or deliberately violated any of our policies.

Internet Traffic: Traffic is defined as a 'visit' or 'hit' to a web page, performed by a member of our system, using a browser of their choice.  Traffic is delivered on an as-available basis.  No guarantee is made as to the rate at which traffic can be delivered to a site.  Each visit incurs a cost of 1 credit to the member.

Credits: A credit enables a member to receive a visit to one of their listed sites.  Credits may be purchased or earned.  Credits are earned through auto surfing, manual surfing, and referral of other members.  Credits have no cash redemption value, and can only be used through the Hit Hornet site.  Unused credits do not accrue interest.

Referral of other members: We provide a link that a member can use to bring other people into our system.  If a visitor joins our system after visiting through a member link, the member providing the link will be credited with a referral.  This will result in the referrer receiving some percentage of credits earned by the newly referred member.  Referral credits are provided for the duration of the membership of the referrer.

Inter-member email: Members are permitted to send, through a form on our site, 1 text-based email per week to members they have referred if the referred member allows the receipt of such emails.  At no time will the referred member's email be exposed to the referrer.  The referrer may optionally disclose their email to the recipient.  Once a message has been sent, any member receiving the email can use the same form to respond to the originator.  This is a specialized service, designed to facilitate inter-member communications.

Enhancing a membership: A membership can be enhanced on a month-to-month basis for a fee.  The fee is not prorated, and is not refundable.  Enhancements come in the form of package deals, providing mechanisms to earn more credits per hour than an un-enhanced membership.  For a discussion of membership enhancements, their costs and benefits,  see our descriptions at:

Site acceptance

We reserve the right to reject any particular site for our system.  We have prepared guidelines for unacceptable websites, which can be found at .

Conditions of Use

By using this service, you agree that you will not attempt to undermine the integrity, appearance, or reputation of our site.

Termination of Agreement

Either party may terminate this agreement, with or without cause.  For you to terminate the agreement, simply log in and select "close account" in the member's area.  If we choose to terminate the agreement, you will be notified by email to your verified address, along with the reason for termination.

In the event of account termination, unused credits are discarded, and referral credits are removed.  Members who you referred will be given to your 'upline' referrer, or moved to the 'free agent' pool, where other members can buy them into their downline.  Membership fees are not refundable, but if you have opted for the 'automatic monthly payment', it will be stopped by us as of the date of your account's termination.  If you are accidentally charged a membership fee after account termination, we will refund it promptly.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty

You agree that use of the service is entirely at the user's own risk.  Services are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.  This includes without limitation any warranty for Information, Services, Uninterrupted access, or products provided through or in connection with our service.  This also include without limitation the results obtained through our service.  We disclaim any warranties concerning the availability, accuracy, or content of information, products or services.  We disclaim any warranties of Merchantability or Fitness for a particular purpose.

This disclaimer applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, deletion, delay of any kind, computer virus, theft or destruction, negligence, unauthorized access to our site, or any other cause of action.  You acknowledge that we are not liable for defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other customers or third parties, and that the risk of injury rests entirely with you.

Neither Hit Hornet, nor any of its agents, affiliates, or content providers shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of use of our services, or inability to gain access to or use our services, or out of any breach of any warranty.  Customer acknowledges that the provisions in this section apply to all content on the Hit Hornet web site.


Information presented by Hit Hornet, regardless of the mode of communication (web, wireless, email) is copyright Hit Hornet.  We place no claim on websites that are listed or displayed, but we treat the information as we present it as copyrighted material, as well as the software we use to present it with.


All trademarks appearing on the service are trademarks of their respective owners.

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